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Loving To Be Me 3 Month Deep Dive Journey

Are you a true seeker ready to step into your power and love yourself to wholeness? Are you committed to change and ready to see it last?

This 3 month journey is perfect for you.  

Over 3 months/90 days,  you and I will chat via Zoom video or the phone and dig deep into the roots of what's going on inside and by the end you will have a clear vision and set of action steps to move forward.  

A combination of NLP, intuitive and spiritual guidance, Rising Star energy healing and creative visualization~ I will help you uncover what's going on beneath the surface so you can access all the pieces of yourself that didn't realize were there.  

This is an in depth journey and deep discovery that will transform your life and leave you feeling more complete than ever.  

Who is this for? 

This journey is for the true seekers who committed and ready to shift.  It is for those who are willing to show up, speak their truth and do their homework.  

This is a powerful 90 day program that promises to change your life. 

Possible circumstances include:  

Recovering from trauma or a breakup, low self esteem or lack of motivation, physical pain or dis-sease, fear of moving forward or spiritual awakening.  

This can also be designed as a spiritual training program for the true spiritual seeker.

What's included:

*6 ~  60 min sessions via Zoom Video (link provided by Katie) or phone scheduled bi weekly

*3 ~ Rising Star energy healing sessions to clear energetic blocks, awaken intution, activate DNA, clear karma and heal on multiple levels (This is optional and can be substituted for 3 coaching sessions if chosen) 

*Recordings for Playback 

*Custom plan designed for you (can include meditations, worksheets, inuitive guidance etc) 

*Email support or VOXER communication with Katie  for 120 days

*One 30 min Follow up check in on or follow up 30 days after finishing the program 

*three emergency phone calls (15 mins each) 

To Schedule:

Once your payment has been made, Katie will contact you with a link to schedule your sessions 

Please note:

No Refunds- I love you and I want you to commit to this 100%. Our time is valuable and once we begin I fully trust we can achieve incredible things together but you must show up for yourself and I will show up fully too. There is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy for scheduled sessions.

 {Emergencies happen of course and please contact me should one arise} 

If you're unsure if this is right for you, and book a mini Deep Dive chat and we can talk about it here 

I never encourage making commitments out of fear or pressure and I want you to feel confident about your choice. If I can help you get to a solid YES don't hesitate to ask!