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Soul Coaching & Energy Healing Package

Are you struggling right now.

Are you feeling disconnected or lost. 

Are there things you’re ready to embrace or shift?

Im opening my calendar up for a limited amount of 1:1 clients for the month of August and id love to help you. 

We are currently entering into what is known as eclipse season and heading in a very powerful time.

The thing is, with that energy comes a lot of turmoil and it is so easy to feel like we are being tossed around and in danger.

That’s where I come in.  With our time together we can look closely at what is happening for you personally and not only get a pulse for why it’s there but also create a path to correct it.

My approach is very much like a physical therapist works with your body, or a strategist creates a plan for growth. 

Together we will get to the roots and clear the way for good things to come. 


What you get: $250 you get two sessions which include a combination of my signature Soul Coaching and energy work

The 1st session will include coaching and a 1:1 session via phone or video chat

The 2nd session will be remote and will happen while you rest and you will receive an email follow with a voice memo of any insights and recommended action steps

You will also have email access to me for the month and able to ask unlimited questions

Hurry! This is a flash offer and goes away 8/1!